12 Interstellar Questions

  1. So I saw Interstellar with wifey last night, and in my opinion was stellar. I’d give it 8.5 out of 10 and would rate it amongst his best work. Am I overrating it?
  2. Yes, just as good as Inception. Disagree? Why?
  3. Is anyone else thankful that McConaghuey has found the wormhole that has led him out of Rom-Com land? Such a great performance here.
  4. There have been reviews that have been negative towards Interstellar, and Nolan for that matter, because his movies seem mechanical, and in this case, Sci-Real more than Sci Fi because of the overload of scientific fanaticism, rather than plot interest or character development. I didn’t find this over my head though, did you?
  5. Did anyone else think “Mr Ripley is back” during the 3rd act?
  6. Speaking of 3rd act, could anyone else picture Anne Hathaway singing “I Dreamed a Dream” then too?
  7. I’m not a Christopher Nolan fanatic by any means, but I must say that his batting average is a lot better than some of the movie makers who supposedly sit on today’s Mt Rushmore of directors. Why is he then not considered by critics a part of the upper echelon? (go ahead compare his average with, say, David Fincher).
  8. Speaking of Nolans batting average, could the Dark Knight Trilogy be one of 3 perfect Hollywood cinematic trilogies where all movies are considered classics (Toy Story and Lord of the Rings (arguable as its from one book and filmed by a NZer in NZ) being the other two?).
  9. Am I kidding myself? I really dig Nolans films…
  10. Am I getting old? Or do Hans Zimmers scores just get louder in these Norton films?
  11. Am I the only father who didn’t cry? Ok maybe a little..
  12. Speaking of the father/daughter narrative, and Fincher, did anyone get Benjamin Button vibes in that one scene (I refuse to spoil it)?


What did you think of Interstellar? Any thoughts on these thoughts?

Deeper Worship Is On “The Rise” – the new Jon Owens EP…

It’s been a long time coming, but The Rise has arrived!

I’m a worshiper who, when looking for a soundtrack for “getting my praise on”, craves that sound that goes beyond cultural barriers and lends it’s musical sustenance to this generation. That’s what’s always attracted me to the songs of Jon Owens. It’s been a while since the Arise album came out (Fire Burns, Kingdom Come, When I Praise Him and Son of Man were all congregational classics), and of course the Son of Man (Bless the LORD) epic rendition on Tye Tribbetts “Stand Out” album. There were other projects that Jon wrote for and led on but if you’re like me, we’ve been waiting to see what God gives Jon…

Jon and Kelley Owens have been exemplary in their worship and leadership amidst the turmoil they’ve seen in life over the last few years. God called their beautiful baby daughter Aria Joy home to Heaven a few years ago. I must say that as a friend to Jon and Kelley, the way that God has walked them through such deep grievous process has been such a beautiful testament to the grace of God on their lives. “The Rise” comes from a new level of depth in experiencing Gods relentless grace in their lives. “We Cry Holy” is an anthem that was written in that place.

To Jon and Kelley and their beautiful family – thanks for your tireless work serving Every Nation as a movement throughout it all. I believe with new depths come new heights with these new EP’s and the ministry that grows from this… We love “The Rise” and can’t wait for “The Fall” later this year!

Go get it y’all – CLICK HERE



“Make Moves or Make Excuses” – Andy Mineo meets Sway.

Sway, Andy Mineo and Heather B on Sways Universe

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, I’m always on the look out for Christ and those representing Him well in popular culture.

Andy Mineo, much like his Reach Records labelmate Lecrae is definitely a great example of that in hip hop culture. His recent EP “Neverland” which was released a couple of weeks ago, sat at number 1 on iTunes upon it’s debut. No, not the Christian charts. THE charts.

Here is Andy Mineo being interviewed by MTV VJ  and Hip Hop legendary cultural figure on his show, Sway’s Universe.

(Please be aware, there is some use of language which may be considered offensive, used by callers and others (NOT Andy haha!) but this is the culture that we’re called to impact and Andy is there!)

Definitely praying for Andy Mineo, Lecrae, Reach Records and all who are actually in the culture bringing and representing our King Jesus with excellence. Let’s be challenged to be excellent in our skill and prayerful in how God will give those of us who are believers and followers of Christ opportunities to represent Him well.

Are you Walter Mitty?

(Over the next few days I’ll be posting a few devotions as we at EN Central commit to a time of prayer and fasting to kick the year off!)

The original movie based on the short story starring Danny Kaye

John 10:10 says “The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I (Jesus) come to give you life and life abundantly.” I’ve often reflected on that verse and seen the Jesus who calls us out to live the adventure in abundant living – not to settle for a life of merely respiratory progression towards death.

Upon viewing the movie Walter Mitty, (based on the 1939 short story of the same name which spawned the nickname for anyone who was stuck in a rutted life that was totally drained of spontaneity, but had a tendency to dream a vicarious life of thrill.) I began to think about that passage from John – that maybe the enemies agenda was not to literally to “kill and destroy” us necessarily, but also to kill our spirit and destroy any possibility for us to step out in faith and come alive in the adventurous purposes of God.

What differs though from the existentialist blossoming of Walter Mitty, and the emergence of a believer who has the revelation by the grace of God of the adventure that lies ahead in the abundant life that Christ offers, is the death perspective. Walter Mitty would live on the edge of death “testing the limits of the human spirit”, and in the process, try and hope to come alive. Christianity calls us to be crucified in Christ, in order that we may experience the abundant life.

Nothing wrong with adventure – it’s what we were made for. But it’s an eternal thrill ride when you hold the hands of the Screenwriter, Producer and Director of the greatest piece of art ever made – HIStory, the way it was always intended before the world even existed.