Listening to Oceans (Where Feet My Fail) [Acoustic Version] by Hillsong UNITED

#30DaySongChallenge – Song 3

This song is a bit more of an obvious choice for me to study as a worship songwriter. It is probably my personal favorite worship song to come out of the body of Christ for the last 5 years. And it doesn’t just resonate with me, at the time of writing it sits at number 3 on the CCLI charts, which in most cases, is a slower climb, but once a song breaks the top 5, it’s pretty much considered having staying power in contemporary church worship liturgy. Why? Here’s some reasons:

1) unifying thematic lyrics around people’s familiar circumstances: “In Oceans deep, my faith will stand” – everyone has been in circumstances where they’ve felt like they’ve been in oceans deep, where feet may fail, but God gives us faith to stand.
2) consistent oceanographic imagery – keep eyes above waves, oceans deep, oceans rise, walk upon the waters
3) female vocal range – in the last 10+ years, men have been prominently writing songs for our ranges. Although there are songs for female range, there hasn’t been as many.
4) poetic lyrically not esoteric
5) memorable melodic lines arching from lower verse to declarative bridge.
6) many repeatable lines (eg bridge, chorus, tag “I am yours, and you are mine)
7) A reminder to centre on Christ, and His strength being made perfect in our weakness “wherever you would call me”, “my soul will rest in your embrace”
8) That bridge though – wrecks me everytime… The melody and lyric combo, with the chord progression change? Just gold…

Could go on and on, but these are a few reasons why Oceans stacks up as a great contemporary song for the ages.

Listening to Oceans (Where Feet My Fail) [Acoustic Version] by Hillsong UNITED

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