Listening to Watch Me by Silento

30 Day Song Challenge: Song 2

So I’m supposed to study 5 songs intricately. I don’t think they need to be great, just effective at what they do.
This song is self explanatory, and super effective at what its intentions are… Great at it? well kinda…

LYRICS – no rocket science to this songs lyrics at all! this is obviously to support particular mentioned dance moves. To be honest, I’ve only become familiar with this song because of nephews posting videos of themselves doing the aforementioned whip/nae nae dance moves. Only to find on YouTube that this is 2015’s HarlemShake.

MUSIC – definitely a danceable use of the 808 snares and kicks, and finger clicks with a simple pattern, with glock hits that follow the main 2 note melody… Obviously to support the dance moves that are mentioned throughout the song… Contrasting that lower 2 note melodic vocal with a squeaky assistant voice in the flavor flav role. Quite simple really.

CONCLUSION – this song has inspired me to dust off my NI Maschine… For sure… Now to find some kids that will invent dance moves for my accompanying viral videos… Any ideas on what I should call my new dance?

Listening to Watch Me by Silento

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