Listening to Let Praise Awaken by Planetshakers

#30DaySongChallenge – Song 5

This song for me 3 years ago when I first heard it at a youth conference met my ears with a resounding yes… The synth lines and techno influence took songs of praise to an unfamiliar place that I felt groups like Hillsong Y&F would only develop and further. Proud to be an Australian, well kinda hahaha!

Reasons this song is great:

1) it come with “moves” – now watch me whip!
2) the original is in F… A flattened key… Gives it a bit more “soul” than the normal bright E…
3) no tonic chord until the bridge, and when it hits the bridge, the tonic appears, but it shifts to the minor
4) the syncopated bass line naturally makes you want to nod your head (or frustrate non syncopated bass and keyboard players)
5) lyrically challenges the singer to let praise awaken in light of His awesomeness… The music assists by being about as funky as Australian worship teams can get.
6) it came from my favourite planet shakers album post-Henry Seeley… Loved this album! (Limitless? Anthem? also Classics…)

Listening to Let Praise Awaken by Planetshakers

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