Listening to By Fire by Hiatus Kaiyote

Just attended #W3 Songwriters Workshop and my bro @aaronlucas challenged us songwriters to analyze a song we consider great every day for the next 30 days (amongst other things) so here goes day 1:

Day 1 Song Analysis:

This track is from Hiatus Kaiyote’s latest album “Choose Your Weapon” – by far a graduation from their last album. I would consider Hiatus Kaiyote’s music as experimental funk, and this is one example of where it works very well:

Lyrics: just like the music, the lyrics always come off a little esoteric with references that ring out in the phrase “you had to be there”. I’d love to sit with them to ask what the lyrical references were pointing towards.

Music: just listen to the introduction, the phrasing and feel change thrice within the first 20 seconds of the song. But what’s amazing is that during the bridge, all three pieces of the intro come back in a juxtaposed mosaic of beauty. Love the way they think!

Final Word: this song challenges the musical side of me: don’t be afraid to go the route of unconventionality if it sounds great in your head… Love this song!

Listening to By Fire by Hiatus Kaiyote

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