1. So I saw Interstellar with wifey last night, and in my opinion was stellar. I’d give it 8.5 out of 10 and would rate it amongst his best work. Am I overrating it?
  2. Yes, just as good as Inception. Disagree? Why?
  3. Is anyone else thankful that McConaghuey has found the wormhole that has led him out of Rom-Com land? Such a great performance here.
  4. There have been reviews that have been negative towards Interstellar, and Nolan for that matter, because his movies seem mechanical, and in this case, Sci-Real more than Sci Fi because of the overload of scientific fanaticism, rather than plot interest or character development. I didn’t find this over my head though, did you?
  5. Did anyone else think “Mr Ripley is back” during the 3rd act?
  6. Speaking of 3rd act, could anyone else picture Anne Hathaway singing “I Dreamed a Dream” then too?
  7. I’m not a Christopher Nolan fanatic by any means, but I must say that his batting average is a lot better than some of the movie makers who supposedly sit on today’s Mt Rushmore of directors. Why is he then not considered by critics a part of the upper echelon? (go ahead compare his average with, say, David Fincher).
  8. Speaking of Nolans batting average, could the Dark Knight Trilogy be one of 3 perfect Hollywood cinematic trilogies where all movies are considered classics (Toy Story and Lord of the Rings (arguable as its from one book and filmed by a NZer in NZ) being the other two?).
  9. Am I kidding myself? I really dig Nolans films…
  10. Am I getting old? Or do Hans Zimmers scores just get louder in these Norton films?
  11. Am I the only father who didn’t cry? Ok maybe a little..
  12. Speaking of the father/daughter narrative, and Fincher, did anyone get Benjamin Button vibes in that one scene (I refuse to spoil it)?


What did you think of Interstellar? Any thoughts on these thoughts?


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