Most played in 2013… What was yours?

Here’s 7 songs I had playing the most in my headphones… What were yours?

Lorde and HAIM

OK 2 disclaimers:

1) this is not a church worship songlist so for those who might be expecting something of that nature – maybe in another blog? And some of these are not necessarily by Christian artists… Great music is great music.

2) This doesn’t mean that I bought all these albums – this is purely based on the actual song.


James Blake – Retrograde

Been watching this guy perform live – he is amazing… But I must say, this song from “Overgrown” is so beautifully sung and produced, I really got lured into the lush vocals and minimalist production. Had me tapping this beat on Maschine along to it upon listening to it.

Pharrell Williams – Happy

I must admit, I can’t stand it when people turn their phones on in movies. But I just couldn’t help myself upon watching Despicable 2 and hearing this song – I immediately recognised Pharrell’s vocals, so immediately went onto iTunes and bought the song. I’ve been happy ever since, well, at least this song does put a smile on my face.

Gungor – I Am Mountain

If you’ve been following this blog, or you know me, you’ll know just how much I dig Gungor. So what if worship leaders don’t necessarily go to their last two albums for worship songs to sing in their congregations, Gungor are doper than ever. This song really is a reflection of that dopeness…

Walls Group – Perfect People

You had me at “This song is not for you”… Just infectious. This was by far the song (and music video) that myself and my kids were singing together the most this year… Gotta love them Walls! Now Kirk, can we get that new album?

Sarah Cheng-De Winne – Parallel Lives

No one can accuse me as a resident of Singapore, that I’m not down with local Singaporean music. Good music is good music, and I think that Sarah has one of the best produced albums to come out of the little Red Dot. Great songwriting, great production makes for a great music! Also, although my wife and I are musicians, it’s really hard to find common ground in tastes – thanks Sarah for providing an album of common ground for the both of us! Keep it coming!

HAIM – Falling

Ok – I’m not that much of a HAIM fan, but I am a huge fan of this song… When it came to the “Guitar vs Synths” discussion of this year, I definitely swung a lot more towards the Synth side of the debate. I’ll be honest when it came to funkier retro-synth inspired albums this year, I was checking for Passion Pit, Daft Punk and Chvrches albums… But I have to admit, that I played this song a ton more times than “Get Lucky”. If you remember the 80’s, turn this one up in the headphones and tell me this doesn’t inspire you to get your “Footloose”, “Fame” or “Electric Bogaloo” on…

Lorde – Royals

She’s super-young writing great songs, of which this one epitomises the strength of her developing talent. And oh, did I mention she’s a kiwi? When most of us kiwis were riding driving Holdens in our dreams, she was driving a cadillac before she could get a learners permit? She was destined for international success and sharing hair stories with Taylor Swift.

What were yours?


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