#EmptyShelf Challenge Book 1: Manhood Restored by Eric Mason

I’ve embarked on the #EmptyShelfChallenge initiated by mr “Stuff Christians Say”, Jon Acuff.
(Shucks I even joined Pinterest for this… Come follow me if you’re in Pinterest!)

Wanted to be more purposeful in my reading for 2014, so here’s my first book for the year!

title: Manhood Restored – How the Gospel Makes Men Whole

author: Eric Mason

whats it about?: The restoration of the identity and purpose of men from a Biblical, and even more so Gospocentric perspective.

why did I read it?: because I’m a man, and I want to be who God made me to be.

strongest idea: that Jesus Christ is not only “the man” we look to as our Example, but he is the restorer of manhood for all of us as men, as well as restoring our worldview culturally as men and of men. Such a strong Biblically referenced book by Eric Mason.

where can you get it?: I got mine at CRU.com.sg



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