40 Days: 33 – What Are You Smiling About?

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. (Philippians 4:4 ESV)

ALWAYS… That doozy of a word that lies in this verse. Rejoice meaning to “show the greatest of delight”. To understand that we are to show the greatest of delight ALWAYS is a lot more revealing than we might think. But it’s something that the apostle Paul thinks bears repeating.

“…again I say, Rejoice”

Why should we rejoice always?

It is the only worthy response once people catch a glimpse of just how beautiful Gods love in sending His son to be crucified for us. When we begin to understand how Jesus took upon himself the wrath that was duly mine, we find every reason to respond in the utmost face-down thankfulness.

How do we rejoice always?

Follow Jesus example as best as we can empowered by his grace to endure. Let the cross be both our example and our reason for rejoicing. Our example in the way that he suffered and endured the brute force of the wrath of God in worship of the Father and in love towards us as His friends. Our reason for rejoicing in that without the cross we would still be dead in our sin, and prone to its eternal sting.

That’s why we rejoice – because even in the toughest of times, it reminds us of the eternal value of the work of Jesus at the cross like a tattoo on a heart so engulfed in the ocean of Christs everlasting mercy.

reflection/discussion questions: what can you do to remind yourself of just how much Jesus loves you? How does it affect your life to know just how much you care?



One thought on “40 Days: 33 – What Are You Smiling About?

  1. The empty cross means a lot to me. It is the answer to any storm life brings. What am I doing to remind myself of how much Jesus loves me? I tell others about it . . . and I will continue to do that so others would not miss out on His great love.

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