40 Days: 26) The Only Bible Hero

Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. (Philippians 2:9-11 ESV)

As I’m helping my wife Tina prepare for the Superhero Kids Camp happening at ENCS this weekend, I’ve had some time to think about Bible heroes. I’m actually supposed to be asleep right now preparing for an early morning inter-church prayer meeting I’m leading in 4 hours, but this flood of thoughts came and I thought the best way to get them out so I can sleep is to post them, then ill sleep supernaturally and awaken for my prayer meeting. Maybe you can pray for me.

I grew up thinking that there were lots of Bible heroes. People who I could look up to as ones I could emulate. But the more I grew in my understanding of the Bible the more I began to see. The Bible is the story really of one Jesus Christ. The whole Old Testament from Adam to Malachi points towards the coming of this saving Messiah, and the New Testament tells of his coming and how we are to live in light of that.

David was one of those heroes – I initially thought about the story being one where I could draw “giant slaying” techniques from, yet that whole encounter with Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 is merely possible because of David calling upon the LORD, and by Gods grace, seeing the giant come down. David had faith in God because it was given to him, not because it was “mustered up”.

Hosea was a minor prophet whom I overlooked because I dared not answer the ‘Pandoras box’ of a question of “why would God tell his prophet to marry a prostitute?” In the context of Jesus and his grace and us as “His bride” we see ourselves in that prostitute and how Hosea acted on Gods behalf to rescue Gomer the prostitute, even in her unfaithfulness from her dire situation. Yes, I am Gomer.

Noah and the floods links with baptism. Abraham as the father of faith in Romans, fallen yes, but graced with the faith to be called a friend of God. Moses, a murderer, yet used of God by His grace to be the catalyst for the Exodus out of Egyptian slavery – the escape via a miraculous parting of the Red Sea? Another link to the baptism of grace we receive out of the slavery we once experienced to sin.

We could go on and on… But the point, and the only point of all of Scripture points towards Jesus. Him and Him alone. The Bible Hero.

reflection/application question – What’s your favourite Biblr story if you know any? How does it point people towards Jesus?



One thought on “40 Days: 26) The Only Bible Hero

  1. My favourite story is Joseph. Joseph reminds me of Jesus. He was the favourite son of his father Jacob, but was rejected and sold by the brothers, and ended up in Egypt, as a slave in Potiphar’s home. He was wrongly accused by his wife when Joseph refused to sleep with her. He was put in prison for a sin he did not commit, but God, yes, but God intervened and raised him from all that slavery and made him the governor, Pharaoh’s right hand man Yes, Jesus is the only son of his father God but he was rejected and wrongly accused by us up to the point where he ended up on the cross. He died for a sin he did not commit, but God raised Jesus from hell and he is now sitting on the right hand of his father.

    Jacob taught Joseph well, although trials came again and again, but Joseph stood his ground because he knew his Lord will never leave him or forsake him which gave him the strength to carry on.

    You are so right Jesus is the only hero, his power and wisdom make us hero in the eyes of those who are discouraged and in need of faith, but Jesus is THE REAL HERO.

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