Getting the job done…

I love my job.

I love that in and through my job that I get the opportunity to use the gifts that I have: helping people to understand Scripture and using music as a tool to create environments for people to encounter God and his love. I get to do this with some of my favourite friends in the world, and meet great people along the way as well…

I know that the percentage of people that aren’t passionate about their jobs, or find themselves failing to connect purpose, or natural gifts to their careers is rather high. In light of that, I am SO thankful to God that I get to do what I do and have done as a pastor and musician for the last 13 years, and built some awesome friendships with wonderful people along the way!

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean we don’t have trials or face hardships doing what we love. If anything, it helps us to be able to endure through tough circumstances, because the shouts of joy that exude from us fulfilling a call from God on our lives passionately far supersede the screams of any hardship.

Anyone who know me knows I haven’t been a Laker fan since the ugly split of Kobe and Shaq, when I let me loyalties follow Shaq to the Miami Heat. But I must give credit where credit is due – Kobe Bryant this year has been playing some of the most heroic basketball despite his aging body (17th year in the NBA yet still in the race for being the top scorer) and the underwhelming performance of a team who were in the NBA title discussion before this 12-13′ season started. It was after watching this interview that I realized just how he has matured and endure throughout these sorts of circumstances. Again the pain of losing their playoff spot this year, and a battered body is not painful enough to shut down the passion he has for the game.


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Or in professional wrestling earlier this week at Wrestlemania 29 (I didn’t watch it, nor have I seen a full Wrestlemania since the one between Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior haha!). Apparently the 13-time wrestling champion Triple-H suffered some severe dry ice burns during his introduction in his match against Brock Lesnar, yet still “performed” and wrestled through his match despite suffering second degree burns from the dry-ice. Passion screams louder than pain.

More than monetary gain and employment perks, nothing helps endurance in growth than a passion that is louder than any pain you might experience in the pursuance of God and his desires for our lives.

Let me encourage all that might read this – Firstly I count it an honor to have a career that encompasses what I’m passionate about in serving God and people. Secondly, my hope is that the passion that I have in getting to do what I do for God and people will always far supersede the struggles, pain, and trials that I might encounter along the way.

That’s my prayer for everyone! Love y’all…


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