Are you at home!? (Happy Birthday Zion!)

We celebrated my son Zions 3rd birthday today… He indeed is my little superhero, and I’m so blessed that I get to be Zions dad.

I must sat that after Zions birthday party today though, I was moved when a huge bunch of our friends crammed into our our little apartment to hang out after our clubhouse booking expired, and we had so many shoes on my doorstep, it reminded me of how all my relatives would squeeze into my house back in Mt Wellington, Auckland.

Unfortunately my iPhone was stacked with photos and music that when I wanted to take photos of all the shoes, I couldn’t because my phone was full. I guess y’all will have to trust me.

Which is the point right? Trust – bringing people you love into your space. I loved having family and friends squeeze into my house back then to create memories and hang out, and almost seven years after leaving NZ, I still love it now.

It definitely is Gods way of reassuring me, that no matter where I am in this world, if I’m in his presence, I’m home.

Thanks to everyone of my friends who make Singapore home for my family and I… You are all Gods precious gifts to Tina and I… And I must say in each person, I get the honour of seeing God in them… Simply beautiful!




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