5 Tips for White Sunday

White Sunday is a holiday in Samoa – the second Sunday in October where parents celebrate their children, who are dressed elaborately in white, with special church services that feature the children reciting scripture (tauloto) or participating in dramas and musicals. This is always followed by extensive feast where the parents serve the children.Shout out to all those participating in White Sunday in Samoan churches across the world – here’s 5 tips for those participating today:

1) when reciting louder is always better… Except if you’re still in the autalavou (youth group) and you’re 28 years old.
2) if you have to cry, make it look like you’re emotionally moved by the scripture you’re quoting, not the impending threat of parental “love” when you get home.
3) a bright red tie does not go with white pelaue… Neither does a pair of chucks go with your ie faitaga…
4) Use KFC delivery and call them to deliver your white Sunday package rather than getting to your local KFC and seeing its a family reunion there at the long queues…
5) Enjoy your family during this time. Create fond memories. You’ll only get this once – wait a minute… There’s always next year!


2 thoughts on “5 Tips for White Sunday

  1. I’ve never heard of this before, but I like it. Such a beautiful involvement and a sense of community shown by everyone wearing white like a field of lilies.

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