All the Kings Men (@israelhoughton, @kirkfranklin, @marvinsapp, @donnieradio)

Israel, Donnie, Marvin and Kirk…

If you know me you’ll know just how much I grew up on Gospel music. You’ll also know that some of the men that are at the top of my list of influencers in Gospel music over the last 15-20 years include Marvin Sapp, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin and Israel Houghton. So when I heard they were going on tour, I kinda wished they could’ve brought that to Singapore, even if it was just for me… (Any other people out here in Asia that loves Gospel? Holla at ya boy!)

What I loved most about this interview with the Kings Men, was the authenticity in these men sharing their hearts about the state of the Church, manhood, and the generational difference. And of course this interview has it’s hilarious moments.

Here’s some of the quotables

– Religious people condemn, Christians are trying to be like Christ. (Donnie McClurkin)

– The more people study the word of God, the more they’ll realize that God used people with issues (Marvin Sapp)

– I heal as I reveal (Kirk Franklin on being authentic in our pursuit towards Christ)

– We condemn really really well, but we have a really difficult time extending the grace that we’ve been extended. (Israel Houghton about the Christianity vs Religion)

Click HERE to access the interview



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