It’s Not Over!

So glad Israel is releasing a new album later this month called “Jesus at the Center”… Even gladder that it’s LIVE! Nothing like a new LIVE worship album from the Israel and New Breed crew.

Another thing that made me glad about it is the inclusion of many of my already favourite songs like Jesus at the Center, Speechless, Your Presence is Heaven and of course this new song, that I’ve grown to love, after working with Ricardo Sanchez, who wrote it, earlier this year here in Singapore. This song “It’s Not Over” definitely is a song that finds resonance in the hearts of those who are going through that process that always seems SO long towards a foreseen breakthrough. We sang it last week at EN Central for the first time, because I sensed it was a “moment” we needed to encourage our people with the message it carried. Here’s Ricardo Sanchez’s impacting story on the writing of this song:

I love the theological truth of the declaration in the bridge – “When God is in it – there is no limit!”


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