The Brown Knight Rises


Although my birthday is not for another 3 weeks, my wife and some of my closest friends decided to surprise me with a private screening of The Dark Knight Rises – only my most anticipated movie of this year. The movie is the conclusion of one of my top 3 all time trilogies – movies that came in bunches of 3, and which all 3 are cinematic classics (the Toy Story and Lord of the Rings series would be the other two).

Not a fan of sitting after a movie, and drawing immediate spiritual parallels, I must admit in my huge admiration for Christopher Nolan as a director, I drew from his direction some great parallels in my friendships here in Singapore, and the gifts to me that each person is that God has brought into my life here in South East Asia.

  1. Christopher Nolan movies have stellar casts that for the most part are regulars. Tom Hardy is quickly becoming one of my favourite actors. I’ve loved Christian Bales performances, grown fond of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and have always dug Cillian Murphy, Michael Cain and Marion Cottliard. If it not for Christopher Nolan classics like these films, Inception, The Prestige etc. I doubt very much their careers would’ve had the depth in the last decade that they’ve been able to enjoy. Much like life – I’ve begun to appreciate being blessed to be a part of a stellar cast, in whatever my role might be, cameo or forefront, to soak up the experience with the Master Director and Writer at the helm.
  2. Christopher Nolan movies play out like puzzles. For the very few people that don’t like Christopher Nolan movies would argue one of two ways mostly: The movies are too dark (true…), and that the movies have been comparable to trying to figure out a Rubiks Cube in the cinema. Sure I’ll take it that the movies aren’t the most relaxing ones to sit through – you definitely need your brain awake. Much like life, again, there’s an alertness that’s required to figure out the puzzle that is life – but much like the wonderful ending (don’t worry, no need for a spoiler alert) of this recent Batman installment, when it all gets figured out, there is a unanimous “Aha!” that resounds. Again it’s great when you trust a plot to a Master Director.
  3. Christopher Nolan has an eye for detail. The screenplay – meticulous (even though you can’t understand Bane sometimes through that metal mouthpiece). The cinematography – delightfully eerie. The visual effects – so breathtaking that there was no need for 3D to amp the look up a few notches. Because it was so detailed, I’m sure there are many nerds out there trying to find technical faults with them, but that’s just the way it is when something seems so, well, close to perfection as can be. I guess that’s also why our Master Director gets criticized all the time, because not only what He does is perfect in creation and implementation, but He defines perfection merely because of who He is.

Thanks to everyone who showed up at the movie screening on Monday! It meant so much to me that you came to watch my anticipated movie of the year with me… Great movie + great friends = ABSOLUTE BLAST!

Thankful for everyone of my friends here in Singapore, and across this wonderful planet of ours! My encouragement for everyone reading this would be to live this life out as masterfully and passionately as you can within the plan of which the Master Director has laid out before you – give that stellar 5 star performance that He knows you’re more than capable of – THAT’S WHY GOD CAST YOU!

My rating – not only for The Dark Knight Rises, but the ENTIRE Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy? Does it even need to be said?