Miami Heat are the NBA CHAMPIONS – here’s why…

Well deserved – and AT THE RIGHT TIME… A worthy champion…

I’m quickly typing this during the break between the 3rd and 4th quarter of game 5… but it’s already become quite evident – Miami Heat are the NBA Champions of 2012. As much as I respect the OKC Thunder, this was overdue for Miami. CONGRATULATIONS TO MY TEAM!!!

I have been blessed as a Miami Heat supporter just to see the way that this game was won – here’s 3 things I noted:

1) Mario Chalmers being told by Lebron James not to celebrate too early after Chalmers was waving to the crowd. Hearing Lebrons speak about being immature in how he responded to last years loss in the finals last year against Dallas shows that experience has been a really great teacher towards focus and humility for him.

2) Teamwork – as I said in my last post, we’re watching the two best teams in the league who have utilized their TEAMWORK to dominate other teams this year. Lebron at this stage has a ton of assists that have resulted in a number of three pointers from players that are less likely to have the spotlight – and has only scored 20 points at the time I am writing this (I’m sure there will be more) Triple double on the way. Shows unselfishness at it’s finest.

3) Coach Spolestra just told the Heat although they’ve been up by as much as 27 points that the game isn’t over until it’s over. It’s about to be – but there’s a lesson there in FINISHING and CELEBRATING WELL… Work hard – there’ll be plenty of time to play hard after it’s done. It really is HEART of the HEAT that has helped them to win this series.

CONGRATULATIONS again to the MIAMI HEAT – couldn’t have been a better way to win it then the way it was won today… as a TEAM!

It makes all the difference when you win, and win RIGHT…


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