There is no “I” in TEAM (Miami Heat and Teamwork)

Here we go for the 2012 NBA FINALS!

The era of the NBA diva winning championships is no longer. This became apparent when in my opinion the four best TEAMS made the Eastern and Western Conference finals this year – San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, Boston Celtics and of course my favourite team the Miami Heat.


What I respect about these four teams is that they play as TEAMS – and it makes for great basketball. Whether it’s the veteran Celtics and Spurs, or the young and quick from OKC, or the Miami Heat, great teamwork makes for great basketball:

This reminded me of a few of John Maxwell’s LAWS of TEAMWORK:

  • The law of the NICHE: All players have a place where they add the most value. – Whether it’s Serge Ibaka aka I”Block”a on defense, or Rondo running things on the Celtics feeding to KG, Pierce or Allen, or even coach Popovich masterminding the plays for the Spurs – Good teamwork consists of knowing your role and playing your part…
  • The law of the CATALYST: Winning teams have players who make things happen –  Seeing these four teams in action you can’t deny the unselfishness of the star of each team to bring the best out of their teammates, whether it’s Wade, Lebron, KG, Pierce, Durant or Duncan. They all did their best to bring the strengths out of their teammates.
  • The law of the MOUNT EVEREST: As the challenge escalates, the need for teamwork elevates – Teamwork really is going to be the difference as the Miami Heat and OKC Thunder head to the finals. And although I’m a firm Heat supporter, and have been since Shaq left the Lakers to join them, I can say that if OKC does manage to beat the Heat, that I couldn’t think of a better TEAM to possibly lose to…

Everyone is called to be a part of a TEAM – what do you see your role in the teams you’re involved in, and what do you or should you do to flourish in teamwork environments?


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