Donna Summer – we’ll miss you!

What an integral part of my childhood soundtrack… Donna Summer passed away yesterday. Only she can remake a song like Macarthur Park disco style, a song about a cake melting in a park (or a cake that is a park?), and have it taken seriously in dance music history. Any female who has anything to do with singing over a club dance track is indebted to Donna Summer in my book…

“I’ll never have that recipe again…”

I’ve always seen Donna Summer as not just a good example of a great artist (yes she wrote a lot of her own songs) but one who has definitely walked that tightrope journey of connecting her faith in Christ with her artistry. One thing is evident – that she passed away it seems as a woman who loved her Christ and is now embracing our King!

We pray for her family and friends during this time of loss… Her last dance here was a good one – but her first dance with Jesus will be even better…


One thought on “Donna Summer – we’ll miss you!

  1. I loved MacArthur Park – the original (I think) by Richard Harris was the best – but Donna Summer creamed it in her version also. Strange song which I never understood – a bit like some of Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven for one)…… but strangely compelling listening.

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