Maintaining the Standard (Creativity and Christlikeness!)

I actually was first blown away by Kevin Olusola’s work seeing him beatbox and playing cello on YouTube, and hooking up with Michael Gungor on clips like this one… So I had been feeling him for a while…

Then when I heard that he was in Pentatonix – the Acapella group that competed on my favourite music reality show – The Sing-Off in season 3 (It’s showing on Channel 5 right now on Thursdays 10pm-12am), I was excited to see what he’d do in that sort of environment… Needless to say, he and the Pentatonix crew are some mind-blowing artists…

Then I came across this episode:

Hearing that he is a follower of Christ here with a great musical talent, helped me put two and two together and conclude that the possible reason for his hesitation with the lyrics of Usher’s OMG was his relationship with Jesus Christ (which unfortunately was labeled as “religion” in the above video). The group ended up making adjustments so that Kevin could do his thing. The result? They knocked it out the park…

Just a quick question for all my fellow artists doing their thing outside of Christianized setting – is there any “gig” worth us lowering our standards or convictions as followers of Christ?

This is a question that I’m quick to answer as I do my first secular gig in a LONG time at Mosaic Music Festival this Friday night – y’all better be praying, and come down to the Esplanade (Details here) if you’re in town!


Pentatonix won season 3 of The Sing Off.

Nuff respect to Kevin Olusola and may God bless Him

Christian – Let’s all be encouraged to pursue Christlikeness without compromise.



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