The power of restoration…

I just watched the above video featuring my favorite female Gospel singer Kim Burrell. Now even if you’re not a fan of the genre of Gospel music, there’s so much going on in this video, especially as she introduces her friend, Whitney Houston. I’m sure everyone reading this knows at least slices of what Whitney has been through…

Here’s 3 things I noticed watching this, that I felt like God whispered to me:

1) Whitney, although she didn’t miss a note, she doesn’t have the power in her voice that she used to. A massive note to a musician and a pastor like me, that the instrument of my voice is temporal, and to thank him for his grace.

2) Whitney is thankful for the friend that she was blessed to have in Kim Burrell – (watch from 4:40) This was massive to me – that Whitney is acknowledging the love that Kim Burrell showed her as a friend through her hard times. LORD let me be the friend that you desire me to be to those who are in need of your love – non-judgmental, ready to present the Gospel message of  love and liberation through my life.

3) Whitney seems to recognize that the LORD is her source of restoration. By God’s grace we can experience true restoration and victory in Him – come to him!

Speaking of restoration, I can’t wait for this new album from Da TRUTH, and watching this video of his own story of restoration between he and his wife Nicole is proof of God’s beautiful love:

Here’s a video of one of his new songs from his new album, that speaks of that restoration too – THANK GOD and EXPERIENCE HIS RESTORING LOVE TODAY!


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