40 Days – Day 32: Dancing on the Debt Ceiling

Oh What a Feeling...

Happy birthday president Obama. Not the greatest economic climate to celebrate your birthday, but I do pray that the Holy Spirit would lead you like Moses, out of the enslavement of our current Egypt – DEBT!

With the world and in particular the US economy in turmoil right now with the issues surrounding the “debt ceiling” – we turn to God as our source of provision. We can gripe all we want about governments who overspend, and don’t balance cheque books, point the finger at certain administrations, but the fact of the matter is, these sort of problems arise simply because one  spends more than one has.

So we cry out to God for his provision.

But here’s the thing – if we cry out for provision, without calling out for God to give us wisdom as to how to administrate and the unselfishness to be able to distribute His provision to others, because as we know, man is always bent towards establishing his or her own empire; we will thus enter into further turmoil much worse than that which we had initially found ourselves in.


I know without a doubt that this is an area that God is personally challenging me on: to successfully be blessed to be a blessing (yes, especially financially). But it’s going to take a few things that I’m not sure if I possess right now:

Patience: (Isaiah 40:31) – I’m not so sure about being a guy who likes to wait, I like my food and cars fast. But the Bible is full of examples of people who were blessed in their waiting, whether Jacob waiting for Rachel to become his wife, or Abraham for his son Isaac. Sometimes its the process that God allows you to go through in order to draw out the character that will match that which you are believing for. Which brings me to:

Character: (Luke 19:11-27) – Jesus tells this parable of faithful servants who work hard to multiply that investment which they were given to manage, and because they were faithful with little, their boss was able to entrust them with much. Sometimes us in our fallen humanness have a tendency to want to grab the much, without the exposure to being faithful with little. Learn to be content in what you have and where you are (Philippians 4:11-12)

Wisdom – I’m personally praying for supernatural wisdom to increase in this next season – wisdom to lead my family, lead in my church (go EN CENTRAL and ENCS!), lead people to Christ, and just lead myself. I also believe that God wants to give out generously from those who have a proclivity towards wisdom and being good stewards with that which has been given.

I’m praying for the United States in this current economic climate, but I’m praying that the lesson will be learnt on an individual level, for all of us to be good stewards with what God has given us.


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