40 Days – Day 26: Indiana Jones and the Leap of Faith


On Saturday night got the chance to worship God together and hear from my friend pastor John Stevenson, pastor of Heirs Ministries from Cincinnati in the US, at an event entitled Worship By Design.

In his brief message on Saturday night, he beautifully addressed familiarity in relation to experiencing new things in God.

Here’s the example that he used from cinematic history (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) as an allegory:

Genesis 12 – God challenges Abram to leave his father, Terah (which means “delayed”) house, and go to a place, that God would show him. And although Abram, who would later become Abraham, the father of many nations did not meet his blessing without his own challenges and even failures, he stepped out in faith, and God met him at each step.

The challenge is for us believers and followers of Christ: “If you want to go to new places in God, you need to be prepared to do things that you’ve never done before in God…”


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