40 Days – Day 25: I Hate You

Andy "C-Lite" Mineo - the latest signee to Reach Records, and his SIN IS WACK line of Tees... (I want one!)

John 14:15 – “If you love me, obey my commandments”

I was thinking today about passion, and how passionate Jesus was to obey God the Father, to the point of the horrific death that he had to endure… What a picture of love between Son and Father to obey in such a manner. And what a picture of love from God towards us to eliminate the grip that sin has on us.

I began to think about a three particular things in the urban culture that I loved seeing:

1) Andy Mineo’s “Sin is Wack” campaign. I love the thought in just saying that statement – it is wack, and it is what separates us as depraved humans from a pure God. Until we realise exactly how “wack” it is, we’ll struggle with is all the time… our passion for things of the Spirit needs to far supercede that of the things of the flesh (Romans 7)

2) Mali Music’s “I Hate You”. Mali caught my ear with this song a few years ago – I loved his angst against sin, and wish that was a lot more evident, because I feel like some of the Christian RnB (or RnP as many call it, get a bit soft when addressing hard topics like hating sin… Here it is with the lyrics

3) This’l – I Hate You This’ls music has always knocked hard. So when he came out with this jam about hating the effects of drugs, in particular cocaine and crack cocaine, in the streets, with such an aggression – I loved it. I was going to post the actual video that This’l did, but thought it may be a bit too hard hitting for some of you reading – but the very vileness of the videos depiction of drugs is enough to steer anyone away in reaction to the ugliness of addiction. Here’s the song and you can check the lyrics in the description on YouTube itself (and don’t forget to check out his new album “Beautiful Monster” it’s a great one):


Fact of the matter is, victory over sin is assured when our passion for God rings true – we should HATE SIN…


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