40 Days – Day 21: Love God

So I’m prepping for my message for EN CENTRAL this weekend, and I’m realizing what a broad topic I’ve gotten to cover. LOVE GOD is my topic.

What angle do I take? The fact that it is the greatest commandment? The fact that as a worship leader, or lead worshipper (dependent on your preference) that worship is essentially, that? The religion versus relationship angle? Like my friend Joshua Harris rightfully said (as he is speaking in our service at Vivo this weekend), “Speaking on LOVE GOD, is like saying you’re going to speak on Christianity.” Sometimes the broader the topic, the harder it seems to do it justice. LORD help us…

All I can say is that the greatest commandment, shouldn’t feel like the greatest obligation, but the greatest opportunity for the greatest response.

So when God commands us as His sons and daughters to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and we feel obliged to love Him, like that bearded auntie you had to kiss at the family reunion?

Are you kidding me? AFTER ALL HE’S DONE FOR US?

To feel obligated is to fake the funk – if we do feel this way we’re better to keep our “keeping up appearances” love to yourself. Religion sees commandments as restrictive obligations.

Children of God see commandments as clear-cut ways to worship, enjoy and adore King Jesus.

Love God – you were born to do it.

Song of the day: Israel Houghton – Love God, Love People


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