40 Days – Day 12: Boomz!

Song of the day: Transformers – Tedashii featuring Lecrae and Trip Lee –


Went and saw Transformers 3 in 3D with Tina – it was my second time. Now I know what you might be thinking, for those who know me and know my movie tastes, know that I rate the second Transformers movie as one I deeply didn’t enjoy. Although the third installment is by no means a classic, what caused it to outweigh the 2nd one (apart from very nice use of 3D) was the inclusion of a trackable plot. There were times in the second one that I couldn’t track who was fighting what, and what the beef was. The latest installment had a bit of heart in it’s story, and although not complex, the story worked for the most part (except when the lead character played by Shia Lebeouf should have died at least 12 times). But for the most part the Transformers trilogy has been a feast viscerally and not necessarily in other ways.

I was reminded of something that the guru of Hollywood screenwriting Robert McKee said in his book “Story” regarding movies that he calls “Guaranteed Success Bad Scripts” – story-lines that mistakingly think that by having kinetic dazzle as a measure of quality of entertainment. McKee correctly notes that even the most adolescent of viewers who are enthralled by the visceral nature of these sorts of Blockbuster successes, are after story.

So I began thinking in a “Donald-Miller-Thousand-Miles” sort of way, of how we as a people can easily allow for our lives as Christ followers can have a tendency to become focused on the “Boomz”, when really we must ask ourselves, what makes up a good story, when it comes to the way we should live?…

I’ll leave that question with somewhat of a rhetoric tone, rather than provide you with the obvious answer… Be encouraged to live out in a QUALITY STORY sort of way today…


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