40 Days – Day 9: I’m a Freshy


Now I only have 5 minutes to type this one out before I run off into my day, but I was thinking about what Francis Chan was talking about in his book “Crazy Love” – when he would speak at a certain school regularly and always encounter a girl on the worship/music team there who always seemed to have incrementally grown in the freshness and passion of her relationship with God each and every time she took the platform. When Francis Chan approached her and asked her about it, she replied that she didn’t want God to recreate a past wonderful encounters with Him, but to grant to her a fresh revelation of who He is.

Now I know that the term “freshy” is derogatory in certain parts, but I don’t mind being called a freshy – if it means being overwhelmed by new surroundings and finding myself stepping onto new shores in my walk with Him, it can feel uneasy at first, but you know it is where you belong. In the presence of something much more vast than what you’re used to. Kinda like me first stepping onto the shores of Singapore almost 5 years ago. That’s how I should feel each day in the presence of God – coming into new levels of encountering the awesome God that He is, and discovering new depths every day. He will keep it fresh with me…

I’m just thinking about how in my line of work as a pastor, the temptation can be to fall into a ministerial mechanical rut when it comes to seeing God in a new fresh way. That’s my simple prayer today, that God would show me more of Him. He is so vast, he cannot be known fully, his greatness is beyond understanding. Be encouraged to keep it “Fresh” with God today.

LORD, more of you this day.


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