40 Days – Day 6: Staying Inspired

Today I spent the day at the office grinding on music for the new ENCS Music album “ALL THE WAY” the whole day with my man, IlyMark Maniano

I love working with him and seeing my two dimensional ideas grow another couple of dimensions.

I’ve blogged about inspiration previously here, but thought I’d take some time to give some other pointers based on experience since then.

Key #1 Collaboration

There is definitely something to be said for collaboration, being a key to staying inspired. Often when I’ve felt uninspired, it’s been collaboration that has been one of the keys to getting me out of ruts of non-creativity. I’d start by making a list of people you trust, and that have your best interests at heart, and “jam” together. (Jamming is not just for musicians, I’ll have to explain it in a later blog – but I know you’ll probably know what I mean).

Key #2 Habits

Yesterday I talked about forming habits and I think it bears repeating – that at your most uninspired times to press through to form those good habits, especially ones that have specified yet realistic goals… Now where is the gym?

Key #3 Look through the right lens

As you know by now, inspiration is fleeting. So it’s best to always look at your projects and your goals through the scope or lens of eternity. Also, be inspired by that which is eternal and of ultimate value. Like I mentioned here – we run a race with eternity in mind:

How do you stay inspired?


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