40 Days: Day 1 – Indescribable

So thus it begins: the Love Singapore 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting.Christ followers all over our fair nation use this time to actively seek God – beginning from the 1st of July and ending on Singapore’s national day.

For us it’s a chance to go without in order to go with God. Deeper and without the distraction of what may get in the way of real communion with Him.

This time, rather than just fasting and praying – I also wanted use this opportunity to write, podcast or even film daily and share what God puts on my cranium and my blood pumper over this period of time. I feel like daily assessment of some sort will not only help to develop healthy habits of creative regularity, but also by posting this on my blog – I pray that it will be a blessing to those who read it.

DAY 1: Indescribable

God has used my 3 year old daughter to remind me of how awesome God is all week! On Monday we went to Jurong Bird Park, and today we hit the Singapore Zoo (thanks to my sister in law Margie for the leftover tickets). My daughter is just always in awe of creation and in particular, animals.

I was really blessed after seeing the crowned pigeons she began totally unprompted to sing “Indescribable” by Chris Tomlin, in appreciation of the wonder of Gods creation.

I for one have a tendency take creation totally for granted. Even though I grew up in New Zealand, arguably the most beautiful nation on the planet, I never gazed upon the beauty of NZ with awe until I left it and went back to visit. She is indeed a beauty.

So now I live in the concrete jungle that is Singapore – but there are still pockets of the majesty of Gods creation that we should never grow over-familiar to the point of dulling our sense of awe – like the zoo and the bird park.

When you look upon the majesty of his creation all pointing towards the majestic King of wonder, how can you not want to worship? And who am I that He would care, let alone call me “son”?

(reflection from Psalm 8 )



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