Where is the love for LeBron?

Lebron aka Alexander the Solid Gold dancer on SNL

(Before I go on, just know there is nothing that “spiritual” about this blog. This is one of Neli’s few rants about sports. Just couldn’t hold it in – it’s NBA finals time! If you’re not interested, I’ll be blogging about our new church plant next so hold tight…)

Tomorrow (Tonight in the USA) marks game 6 of the NBA finals. The Dallas Mavericks lead the Miami Heat 3 games to 2. My favourite player since 05′ has been Dwyane Wade, and so I’ve been a Heat fan ever since. I’m down with a few teams, all Eastern conference teams (Bulls, Knicks, Celtics), but the Heat is my team.

If you’ve been following my blog for a minute, you’ll know that the LeBron “talents to South Beach” announcement at the commencement of this season was like Christmas come early for me and the Heat fans, whereas it was like Halloween for everyone else, particularly Cavs loyalists.

Now before I go further, I’d like to admit, I was not a big fan of the post-Shaq Lakers, because of, you guessed it, Kobe Bryant. I mean, I’ve been down with the Purp and Yellow since KAJ and em’, and you know why? Because the Lakers always used to play as a TEAM! Now they’ve built a team around one player in Kobe, who, undeniably, is a great player. But everyone else is a mere accessory to him, and it showed this year when Dallas, a GREAT TEAM, played as a team against the Lakers and swept the series 4-0. Either way, I respect Kobe as a player, but didn’t like that the team revolved around him.

It’s been funny how a lot of ex-Lakers fans or fans of other teams that have been eliminated have jumped on the Mavs bandwagon, all because they don’t like LeBron. I wanna ask – why are you mad at Bron for?

Is it because of the way that he left the Cavs? Sure it wasn’t perfect, especially with regards to the delay, but come on – if the Cavaliers wanted Bron to stay, they would’ve surrounded him with an actual TEAM. It just went to show what he actually had to work with in Cleveland when the Cleveland Cavaliers had the worst record in the Eastern Conference this year in terms of wins and losses. You tell me, who really betrayed who?

Is it because he’s passionately demonstrative after creating plays that feature on the highlight reels week in week out? I probably would be yelling at the top of my lungs if I could do half of what he does…

Is it because Scottie Pippen went out on a limb to call LeBron the “Greatest Player of All-Time”? Yes, the dude that played right next to Michael Jordan called LeBron the best player… After this, all of a sudden Twitter blew up with cries of blasphemy…

Regardless of Game 6’s result, or even the inevitable result, two great TEAMS are in the finals. And although of course I’ll be rooting for the Heat, I also think that Dirk, and one of my all time fave players Jason Kidd, could definitely do with a championship ring. But realize this, the HEAT are a TEAM, and a great one at that. Whether Wade, Bron, Bosh, Bibby, Miller, Haslem, Chalmers and even Jones, House and the legendary Rose – each player has played a part in getting them this far. But my point is – basketball is a TEAM sport, and that’s why Bron moved to Miami – to be a part of a winning one.

Mavs are legendary and deserve it, but the Heat are looking like the next dynasty team.

Either way, regardless of the victorious TEAM, my plea is – let’s stop the LeBron hating, it’s ugly, and I don’t think God likes it.


3 thoughts on “Where is the love for LeBron?

  1. The public’s hatred on LeBron is so intense — and this is coming from a regular person who does not follow the NBA much. The noise is just so sad and unproductive.

    I am kinda sad though (and I say this with a lot of motherly love) — the way he responded to critics. I really really wanted him to shut everyone up by displaying an extraordinary amount of grace and class. Since it didn’t happen, I am just excited to see him grow up.

    At the end of the day, we must all know that there is never a good enough reason to hate anyone. NEVER.

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