After all the recent controversy around certain beliefs centered around our existence coming to end or even what comes afterwards, be it stirred by people like Rob Bell or Harold Camping, I personally feel it’s healthy that dialogue is happening about the question of eternity and existence: Whenever it ends for us, what happens afterwards? Is there really a hell?

What a great chance to talk about the mercy and grace of Jesus found at the cross…

I like what Francis Chan says about humility in our addressing of such a topic:

Hell is a topic that this seeker sensitive generation does not necessarily like to dabble in, although  Jesus did much more than he did about Heaven. Could this be why as the body of Christ generally in the Western world of Christendom, our knowledge on the topic may be a bit weak?

If the world does happen to end tonight, let it be known that this would’ve been my last blog.

What’s your thoughts?


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