Tron: Legacy 3D (film review)

ReviewReviewReview Tron: Legacy (3D)
Category: Movies
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Jeff Bridges returns over 25 years later to reprise his role as Kevin Flynn, the gaming wizard who creates a dark digital world that would eventually become a metaphor for the potential of the internet and cyberspace. This time it’s all about his son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) who has no desire to follow in the corporate side of what is his fathers legacy, buy his conscience will not let him fully detach himself from it.

I can’t share too much more than that in order not to spoil it, and I must add it was a welcome return to one of my heroes of the 80’s, Scarecrow and Mrs Kings’ Bruce Boxleitner. But I must be honest: although nowhere near as bad in terms of style over substance like, say, Transformers 2, it is upon entry of the digital world that it becomes obvious – as the natural background disappears, so does the emotion of the movie, and in particular, its character development becomes formulaic.

It’s a movie with plenty of pulse, but lacks heart.

Much kudos to Daft Punk for my favourite soundtrack of any flick this year, but I think I’m going to be looking for that album before I give any thought of a dvd purchase of this follow up. This will appeal to the 12 year old boy in all of us. For those of us without that capacity, keep it moving.


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