5 Books I Want to Read before 2011

Just like music, it seems like there’s a ton of books coming out just in time for Christmas. The disclaimer here is that although I am a pastor, I do not read only books from Christian bookstores. The other disclaimer is that I don’t have any of these books (and I’m not trying to drop hints… very hard, hee hee), so I don’t know how good these books actually are or not. This is purely based around the buzz around the books, and my interest in either the content/subject or the author. So here we go:

John MacArthur – Slave

I’ve always been fond of Pastor John MacArthur, or as he’s affectionately referred to by some of my friends Johnny Mack… Though I must admit, I don’t take as firm a stance on some of the non-essential issues of our faith that he might, I know for a fact that when it comes to tackling the subject of our identity in Christ, MacArthur would definitely be one voice I’d love to hear from regarding this topic. He is one of the theological teachers of our day that I definitely have the utmost respect for, and if he’s going to tackle a subject as relevant and prevalent as our identity in Christ, I’d love to hear what he has to say on the issue. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one



Jay-Z – Decoded

I know another respected man of God, Pastor Mark Driscoll caught a ton of flack from bloggers for respecting the genius of Sean Carter after watching his NY concert. So let me preface this by saying that I totally understand what he meant – because I was a fan of Jay Z since the Original Flavor days when everyone was trying to rhyme like Das Efx or the Fushcnickens, and still do see him as one of the most influential figures in pop culture today, as he has been since his solo debut in 95′.

It’s for this very reason I do want to read this book, which is his life story told as a multi faceted experience as one can tell from the Warhol artwork. What really sealed the deal for me wanting to read this, was his response to MC Hammer’s attempt to diss him with the Run Run song he put out – (Jay Z’s response here) He said that there were nice things he said in this book. I want to read them.

He is an extremely gifted lyricist and entrepreneur and I think there is much to learn on both fronts from Jigga-Man, both good and not so good. And as Christ-followers let’s pray for Jay Z, that he would know the true love of Jehovah…


Jon Stewart – Earth

Again, I don’t necessarily agree with Jon Stewarts stance on everything, but I do find his point of view invoking awkward laughter (awkward because you realize in retrospect you’re laughing at yourself sometimes) from myself more often than not. To hear his point of view, especially preserved here as an explanation to “aliens” who will one day dominate the planet as to what took place here when the earth was ruled by homo-sapiens. You know he’s going to bring his high-jinx-cynical A-game here.


John Piper – Think

John Piper is a gift to the Body of Christ, and one of my favourite teachers/authors on the planet. I’ve been looking forward to this book for a while, where Piper tackles the subject of the relationship of mind-engagement and love for God and others, is a very alluring topic for me. One that I know Piper well tackle with his contagious passion and his unique depth. I’m looking forward to digging this one for real!

Timothy Keller – Generous Justice

Of the last four years, Tim Keller has been my favourite author. I have the utmost respect for what God is doing in his ministry, and especially with his church in New York City. His knack for communicating issues at the core of our faith in a palatable fashion is unparalleled, and in short, he is a voice that is essential in this generation, like C.S. Lewis was in the past. Christians – read his books and take copious notes.

What’s on your essential reading list going into 2011?


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