2010 will always be remembered as the year of the:

As a prequel to the Josh and Neli show finale for 2010 where we shared our highlights of 2010, here’s what I’ll remember this year for. So “Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife” and “Whip Yo Hair Back and Forth” because this is the top 10 of 10′:

Toy Story 3 – Because I can’t think of a trilogy of films that were so perfect, Toy Story 3 rounded out the perfect trio of films, and Pixar continues to make the best movies in Hollywood. (ok probably LOTR and Star Wars, but there were weak moments in those to). Probably my pre-Oscar movie of the year tied with Inception, with The Social Network following at a close third.

Vuvuzelas – Yup this was the year of the South African Soccer World Cup, and I’ve already forgotten who won the trophy… What I haven’t forgotten is that plastic trumpet that made it sound like 1000 bumblebees in your head while you’re trying to watch the game. The All-Whites – UNDEFEATED!

Lebron-gate – Ok if you’ve been around me a fair bit, when it comes to the NBA, you’ll know I’m a big D-Wade fan. Though the Heat have been cold lately, I’ve always been down with D-Wade. So when I heard about Lebron James coming down to the Heat I was ecstatic: Bosh, Wade and Lebron all taking pay cuts for the opportunity to play together in the Miami Heat; that’s got to be recognized. Sure, Lebron took some terrible advice from his boys by making the world, and in particular, his Cleveland supporters wait on his announcement, but on the real? If Cleveland loved Lebron and wanted to win, they would’ve bought players like D-Wade and Bosh out to Cleveland? Although the Heat are still warming up and ain’t quite found that rhythm yet (they need a BIG MAN inside!), Lebron shut it down in Cleveland a couple of weeks ago. Those Celtics are looking great though…

(Jigga was wrong though with that line from Empire State of Mind, coz he ain’t paying either of em…)

the Antoine Dodson iPad app

the Antoine Dodson iPad app

iPad – coming to a pulpit near you. I gotta say I wasn’t convinced at the start, but now, I can see the value of it. I’d still prefer my Kindle as a reader over the iPad, but it’s a great tool for everything else. I’m sure in 20 years time we’ll be laughing at pictures of ourselves carting these things around trying to speak, like those brick Motorola’s from back in the days.

Mining – triumph and tragedy – In Chile, we saw a story of triumph as 33 miners after 69 days of being trapped. What a celebration it was when they all surfaced full of happiness, instant world wide heroes. In New Zealand though, 29 lives were lost in a mining tragedy on the West Coast of the South Island. We still mourn with the families and loved ones of those who lost.

Refudiate – everything associated with that word. From Sarah Palin, to the possible mosque at the site of the World Trade Centre, to the fact that there is a red line under the word as I type it into this post – all reasons to remember this in 2010.

Kanye West – His new twitter account caused the highly opinionated Mr. West a platform for his thoughts to reach the ears of anyone who was still giving him an ear after last years Taylor Swift mic snatching at the MTV Music Awards. After making statements of apology to Taylor Swift, former president George W Bush then went on the record and said that Kanye’s comment regarding Bush “not caring about Black People” as the worst moment of his presidency. Yes, worse than 9/11. Kanye then went on to produce an album that was just released last month to much critical acclaim, many doting it as the album of the year (although my pick for mainstream album of the year would be between “The ArchAndroid” by Janelle Monae and “Age of Adz” by Sufjan Stevens). That alongside helping to produce Drake’s massive hit “Find Your Love” – whether you love it or hate it, Yeezy had the world talking.

Justin Bieber – nuff said

The fall of American Idol/The rise of Glee – Not a massive fan of either show, but I can correlate how Glee rise came hot on the heels of Simon Cowell, then those other two judges all leaving the American Idol, and the final High School Musical in the ca. Let’s have a show that features cover songs every week (like Idol) and throw in some secondary school drama (HSM). Great marketing, although the only thing I’ve ever enjoyed about Glee has always been Jane Lynch, who definitely deserved her Emmy despite the current opinions being thrown around.

Wikileaks – All I’m gonna say about this, is I can’t wait until Fincher films the sequel to The Social Network about the story of Wikileaks. Wouldn’t that be a movie!

With only a few days left, what was your year like?


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