Rapunzel/Tangled (film review)

Rapunzel (Tangled) 

Disney animated adaptations of classic tales have a long history, and lately, whether it was the interaction with reality in Enchanted, or the not so familiar Bayou take on the Frog and the Princess, the results have been decent, but do not stack up to the classics that kind of lost steam in the post-Lion King late 90’s. (try Tarzan and Lilo and Stitch as examples of decent but not classic).
Try the 3D adaptation of Rapunzel on for size if you’re looking for the restoration of that classic feel. It certainly doesn’t disappoint, striking the perfect balance in the tension between the romanticism associated with fairy tale with the right amount of current humour that movies usually from Dreamworks camp have a tendency to tip the scale heavily in favour of (check for the Dream Thug Bar scene for what I’m referencing).
The Disney charm is back in a major way, with sharp writing, great voice talent featuring Mandy Moore in the title role and Zachary Levi as the rogue love-interest Flynn Ryder. Though the score didn’t stand out as it usually does from Alan Menken, it does the trick. And the animation? Sweet.
Though Toy Story 3 is definitely the animated movie of the year, this one is definitely a close second, and will give it a run for it’s money at the Oscars.


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