Bruce Lee: My Brother (film review)

Category: Movies
Genre: Drama
Aarif Lee (for those of you who know your Cantopop might know him as Aarif Rahman) stars as Bruce Lee in this story of his childhood and youth as told by his siblings Robert and Phoebe. There have been many movies reenacting the life of Bruce Lee, but most of them have dealt with him during his rise to fame internationally. This is one that tells the story from his birth.

Legendary Tony Leung plays Bruce Lee’s comedic actor father, and does a brilliant job walking the line between the humourous and the stern disciplinary of the household, while Christy Chung and Michelle Ye round out the paternal cast as his mother and aunt.

The casting is great, and although the pace and the story telling is uneven in many parts, there is a certain charm that is wonderfully inviting to the viewer into this family story telling session.

The worst thing unfortunately is what most Bruce Lee fans watch his movies for – the fighting here is sub par. So please, if you’re going to see a bio film in the line of Ip Man, you’ll be disappointed. If you just enjoy a decent story, and want to see from a credible source what may have happened in Bruce Lee’s younger days in Hong Kong, this is a worthy entry point.



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