The Josh and Neli show #8 – the All 80’s podcast

Josh and Neli - Children of the 80's

Being that both of us were kids that grew up on opposite sides of the planet during the 1980’s… We had to do a GNARLY and RAD 80’s podcast! This has to be the most fun we’ve had on a podcast yet, and I’m sure if you know the 80’s, you’re gonna dig this… It’s totally SLAMMIN’!

This goes out to all of you who grew up in the 80’s or realize now that all of todays media, fashion, music and art is definitely inspired by this most memorable decade…

Don’t forget to drop us a line with your 80’s experiences, questions and comments…

P.S. – the dude we refer too singing “Too Much Too Little Too Late” with Deniece Williams was of course Johnny Mathis, and “Love Lift Us Up…” with Joe Cocker was of course Jennifer Warnes (I was right for once!) but I was wrong about the Family Ties theme song.

We’ll have to do the 1980’s movie special in another episode…

Download the podcast here and don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes here


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