RED – (film review)

ReviewReviewReview RED

Robert Schwentke takes a massive turn from his last directing outing on Time Travelers Wife, and goes for the DC graphic novel “Red” as his source material on this one. Bruce Willis plays Frank Moses, a “Retired and Extremely Dangerous) ex CIA agent who is trying to settle into a “flipped” normality, who has sparked up a romance with a tax agent stuck in mundanity (Mary Louise Parker) with whom he has only met over the phone. It becomes apparent that he and some fellow ex agents are the subject of a hunt, and in that hunt, he has to sacrifice his normalcy for a lifestyle that he couldn’t possibly leave behind. Could it be that the CIA is now crooked? Is there a hidden weapons embargo that they have gotten themselves into unknowingly, because believe me when I say, there’s a lot of weapons on this movie!

As he is being hunted, so are his retired ex-agent friends (Helen Mirren and John Malkovich (who rock their roles) Morgan Freeman). The trouble is, it is unclear as to who the hunter could be?

This movie is pure fun – and although Willis is a little young for this cast (he’s supposed to be a peer of the legendary Ernest Borgnine?) he leads out the cast well, with Parker adding here Jamie Lee Curtis-type awkwardness perfectly to her role here as the onscreen love interest. 

Although this would by no means be considered a classic, or challenge cinematic history, it’s why you go to watch movies right? Just like the reason Nacho Libre wears stretchy-pants in his room… Is for fun…


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