Unstoppable (film review)

ReviewReviewReviewReview Unstoppable


Tony Scott is at it again at the directors helm of “Unstoppable” which is “inspired” by the true story of a runaway unmanned freight train with (but of course) highly dangerous and explosive goods in tow which was ‘released into orbit’ by two aloof rail workers in Pennsylvania (played by almost typecast bumblers TJ Miller and Ethan Suplee).

Meanwhile further down the track are the rail veteran Frank (Denzel Washington) and his young trainee Will (Chris Pine) who have issues of their own, when this runaway train seems like it’s on a collision path towards them, and eventually some towns in Pennsylvania which would suffer fatal loss if something didn’t happen to stop the train.

Rosario Dawson and Kevin Dunn round out the solidly performing cast as the decision makers throughout the film, which on paper would seem like a straight forward film, especially being based on true events. But there are two factors that make this one a winner: firstly, much attention is placed on the overall feel of the film, which had my left foot firmly planted on the floor of the cinema as if to be pressing an imaginary brake pad. Secondly, more than a typical ride-movie like say, Speed, this one develops the heart of the two primary characters with back stories that only mildly garner the scent of cheese.

Overall, this is a great ride of a film, that much like that runaway train, starts off a little bit bumbly, but picks up immense speed as it thunders along its tracks.


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