Worship Bloopers…

I was reminded by the good guys at Worship Central and their blooper blog here about a few bloopers that I personally had. I’ve shared some previously in other blogs, one resulting in accidentally hitting my mouth with the microphone and bleeding mid service, and another kneeling in a big conference, of course in surrender, but also in desperation – so that I could have a better vantage point of a prompting screen with lyrics (some of y’all know that one…)

My latest one was whilst I was written the Hillsong song “You’ll Come” last Sunday, and I hadn’t sung it for some time. The bridges lyrics were “Chains be broken, Lives be healed, Eyes be opened, Christ is revealed”…

Because the prompting screen we have didn’t change midway in the bridge, I was caught off guard and sang:

Eyes be broken!”

so thankful not many noticed… (I hope)…

Here’s a couple of examples you might be familiar with (not shared in jest with those involved, but to show that it happens to the best of us!):



What’s the worst one’s you’ve had or witnessed?


4 thoughts on “Worship Bloopers…

  1. Ahhh, I heard one recently!

    A missionary couple from one of our churches was telling me this [true] story. Apparently, the husband was exhorting the church, and he was trying to speak in the country’s language. It was one of those languages where, if you just pronounced the word a little differently, you end up saying something completely different. Well, he was trying to passionately say “The Lord is my SAVIOR!” But what he ended up saying (to the shock of the congregation) was: “The Lord is my DUMPLING!!!” 😀

  2. Couple of classics .. meaning to sing My God and actually singing My Fob (i think i was looking at someone ;)) and the other one was one of the BV’s being so deep in worship she didn’t realise how close she was to the edge, stepped to the side and fell off the stage – the worship team were very disciplined and didn’t miss a beat, closed their eyes again and carried on worshipping .. God has such a great sense of humour!

    So many gems to share .. LOL

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