Francis Chan

As I’ve mentioned earlier on Twitter I’ve been reading Francis Chan’s book “Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God”. I know it’s been out for a little while now, but although I’ve followed his ministry for a while, I haven’t gotten around to reading this, until now.

It’s been a wonderful read thus far, with a very refreshing reacquaintance with the God of scripture, and in particular, his “crazy love” for us, and how we should live in light of this. Makes me wanna sing that John Mark Mcmillan song every time I read it…

I did want to share  a bit with regards to Mr. Chan’s take on the “lukewarm” in Revelation 3. Here’s a video that will kind of give you a fair idea of where he went with this chapter of his book (Chapter 4 – Profile of the Lukewarm). Rather than take too many chunks from the chapter, I’ll simply share my takes from his pre-requisites for lukewark living…

  1. they attend church fairly regularly, because it’s expected.
  2. give money to charity and church, “as long as it doesn’t impinge on their standard of living”
  3. choose what is popular over what is right when in conflict in the name of fitting in
  4. don’t want to be saved from sin, just it’s consequences
  5. moved by stories of radical faith in action, but can’t get active
  6. for fear of rejection, abstain from sharing their faith
  7. gauge morality by comparing with those in secular society
  8. Jesus is a part of their lives… just a part… but he should never control all
  9. they love God, just not with everything – that sort of love is for full time ministers
  10. they love others – but not so much for those who cannot love back (check the love for attached strings)
  11. serve God and others, but with limits
  12. they think about life here on this planet a lot more than eternity with the Father
  13. rarely consider giving as much as possible to the poor
  14. do the bare minimum to keep themselves from feeling guilty
  15. “how much do I have to give?” rather than “how much can I give?”
  16. “how much time should I read my Bible in one day?” rather than “I wish I didn’t have to go to work, so I could sit here and read longer!”
  17. continually concerned with playing it safe
  18. they never live by faith, they never have to because of structures and comforts around them.
  19. probably drink and swear less than the average person, but besides that,there aren’t many differences from the average non-Christ follower.
  20. base their security upon church attendance, making a profession of faith as a child, baptism or came from a Christian family.

I’ll tell you what – this chapter certainly shook the dross out of my system. As Francis Chan says in the video below, this shouldn’t be looked upon whilst pointing the finger at someone else. This is regarding you and me. There’s no other way to live for Christ, but completely. Total surrender in worship is our logical response.

How did you fare?


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