In the Land of the Rising Son (Visiting Tokyo, Japan)

With the Grace Tokyo worship team from Tokyo (and some of the team from GBC Yokohama)...

Managed to get in some time with my good friend Pastor Glen Nabarrete, his lovely wife Linda, and their family on the way back to Singapore from Houston.

We managed to organize one night of equipping and worship with the music team of Grace Tokyo, a two-year old church that God is using to impact the city. Had a wonderful time with the team there worshipping God and talking about worship from a Biblical perspective. We took the chance to  pray for the team, and were blessed to have some of the Grace Bible Church Yokohama worship team join us that evening. Japan is a beautiful nation, but not without it’s hinderances to Jesus being known, and if there was ever a nation that needed Christ, Japan would be very near the top of the list. If not at the top.

Thanks again to Pastor Glen and Linda, Maiken and Chase for hosting me – what a wonderful yet short time I had with you all! As I said – the first of many!

Continue to pray for Japan and champions like the Nabarrete’s and Grace Bible Church throughout Japan, that God would take His place upon the throne of the nation of Nippon!

For more information on Grace Tokyo or if you’re looking for a church in Tokyo click here…

"He Loves Us... Oh, how He Loves Us!!..."

(Pictures courtesy of Gerwin Echegoy – thanks bro!)


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