Love God, Love People (Reflections from 2010 New Breeds Deeper Conference)

with the host of the Deeper conference

Israel Houghton, Aaron Lindsey and New Breed’s Deeper conference has just ended. So much to ruminate over – but let me just share with you fresh out of the wet paint of the conference, a few reflections and “quotables” from the conference that I think will resonate for a while in my heart and outwardly in my life… I’ll categorize them in two categories aptly named: Love God (Godward or Spirit-Man) and Love People (Neighbour-ward). (PS – you need to get the new Israel album – review is here)


  • Always choose Principle above Personality – Bishop Tudor Bismarck addressing the fact that when we come out from the anointing, we are faced with the fact we are real people. In those moments, this needs to be the way we choose. In this he gave three things that need to be guarded:
  • Guard your heart – keep your heart clean on a regular basis
  • Guard your anointing – never lean on your gift, keep it pure
  • Guard your relationships
  • You know it was in those times it was only when you’d make a covenant that you’d call each other friend. We use that term pretty lightly these days. Peter Wilson of Hillsong London talking about the weightiness of friendship in the Old Testament, in light of friendship with God made available through His grace
  • You will hit your target – Bishop Michael Pitts going in about God designing a purpose for this generation, which we will hit as long as we’re filled with passion towards God of the purpose like Jehu in the Old Testament was.


  • Choose “Relationship over Opportunity” – Israel Houghton sharing one of the secrets to the success of his 20 years of ministry and 10 years of New Breed.
  • There’s a book inside every person… Find the dirty people – give to them and serve them. Meleasa Houghton
  • The closer the proximity of two masses, and the weightier the masses are, the greater the gravitational pull. Bishop Michael Pitts goes in about the weight of character and the importance of close weighty relationships, having direct correlation with the anointed drawing of the Holy Spirit.
  • “I feel like I work for Laban!” That’s because you still have some Jacob in you. Israel Houghton praying for worship leaders who may have hidden hurts or offenses towards others, particularly leaders.

Was so good to see some old friends and make new ones… Of course the music from the New Breed team was the best you could ever hear anywhere, and the musical ministry of people like Kari Jobe, the aforementioned Peter Wilson, Gary Oliver, Gungor and of course my fellow kiwis Wayne and Libby Huirua was definitely appreciated as a blessing. But it was a lot deeper than that.

I was challenged on many levels, but God really got a hold of my heart with regards to being poured out for others especially those who don’t have what we have.

Thanks Israel for the invite and for modeling for us as a lead worshiper beyond the excellence in musicianship: that “God is with us when we are with them.”


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