Step Up 3D (movie review)

ReviewReviewReview Step Up 3D

Jon M Chu is back in the directing chair for the next installment of the Step Up dance movie franchise – has he redeemed himself for the last Step Up movie of which I rated as one of the lesser desirable and watchable movies of the genre.

This episode has Moose from the last movie (Adam G Sevani) is now headed to NYU to study with his best friend, finds himself in a dance cypher, and before you know it, discovers an underground dance scene, and finds a crew who all live together in the hood of New York City, headed by pretty boy Luke (Rick Malambri). Luke has issues of his own – girl issues, rent issues… yeah, yeah, yeah…

Let’s be brutally honest – we don’t watch these films for the storylines, and this is no exception… There is definitely a charm about Sevini and his performance in both movies, and although the acting performances aren’t as bad as most dance movies, that really isn’t saying much. (and who besides me, is tired of preppy suburbian people trying to look like they are from the hood.)

If you’re not a fan of the dance movie genre, then don’t watch this one. But if you are there is definitely good news, and that is, that this one innovates on a couple of levels.

Jon M Chu takes elements of what he’s been doing with his innovative web series LXD series (check that out for an innovative take on dance as heroism) and added the 3D touch, and I must say, it was definitely to the movies advantage. I’ll boldly go as far as to say that, although some of it is contrived and unnecessary (remember a certain scene involving a couple of cups of slurpee and an air-vent), this is the 2nd best use of 3D in a non-animated film as far as I can remember (I wonder what could be the first? Hmmm…). Also look out for the other “star” of the second movie, Mari Koda, who appears here with some of the old crew.

The dancing is incredible on this one due to a number of great choreographers (including Rich and Tone Talauega – GO SAMOA!), and that’s why I went to see this. So to see my man Madd Chadd do his thing in 3D? Worth the ticket price for real…


2 thoughts on “Step Up 3D (movie review)

  1. Excellent review. You really have to understand the genre to understand the movie. An Oscar winning drama it is not. However, it just took a GIANT leap to the front of the dance genre. Each battle was amazing and divers in style. Mad Chad took the “robot” and turned it from a wedding reception party trick and turned it into a artform. The partner dance between Adam Sevani and Alyson Stoner was a beautiful nod to the classic dance movies of the past while giving credibility to a new generation of dancers. Jon M. Chu has attempted to blow up every limited perspective on what hiphop dance is. Job well done.

    • Dude couldn’t agree more… Did you see it 3D?
      If not you must see it that way…

      BTW I’m about to jump on a plane to head your way! looking forward to seeing ya in Texas my friend!

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