Getting Creative in India (The ITYCL 2010 conference)

The ITYCL conference speakers are honoured

I had the honour of being asked to join my friend Andy Skarda (Managing Director of Integrity Media Asia) in teaching at a conference with One Hope in Chennai, India last week

The stream that Andy and I took

. The conference was called ITYCL (India Transformation: Young Creative Leaders) led by Rob Hoskins and his team, and held at the New Life AG church (Reverend D. Mohan) in Chennai. I really admired their hearts to want to serve the local churches of South India in releasing them in their creativity. Rob and his team had done extensive surveying and researching in order to offer the optimum chance to equip and release the emerging leaders of the Church in South India.

Pastor Chadwick Mohan - the host of the conference...

The conference was two power packed days. I led worship along with Andy and the wonderful team from NLAG (the band here is so good!) and it was amazing how kindred our hearts of worship were. Definitely a shout out to Pastor

The speakers discussing what we were to do next in the "Green Room"

Chadwick, and Pastor Theo who not only hosted Andy and I, but really were a blessing to me as we led the musical charge together.

The conference was split up into four streams. Now before I mention what the streams were, let me firstly say that there was a rigorous process in selecting the young influencers of culture within these fields. An average of 50 in each stream, so as to allow for a comfortable dynamic of interaction with us the facilitators of the streams. So these leaders were identified.

The interesting scene behind the church. Yes those are buffalo, and yes those are huts. Yes that is an urban landscape with a MRT type train...

Each of our streams had to leave with a deliverable in mind. Now here were the four streams and their leaders:

  • Worship and Music – Andy Skarda and I
  • Creative Writing – Tommy Tenney (Author of best seller God Chasers et al.)
  • Film – Chris Bueno (Carmel Studios – “Fireproof”, “Facing the Giants” et al.)  and Phil Cooke (Change Revolution, Cooke Pictures, TWC Films)
  • Technology – Andrew Statezny (Technical Pastor of LifeChurch.Tv)

The traditional Tamil worship service - Things were PUMPING in this praise party!

Needless to say it was an honour to be in such good instructive company, and also to be a part of what they were doing. I was super blessed by the hunger of my Indian brethren who were so hungry to learn so much in these fields. It was indeed humbling both to sit with such a calibre of speakers and to teach such wonderful world changers who are making a

Andy and I gearing up with Pastor Theo Nathaniel and the team from NLAG... These guys can PLAY!

difference in what is soon to be the most populous nation on our planet.

One highlight apart from the conference was the great time I had with the NLAG TnT night which was aptly called Jump Start: apt because it was jumping off from the start! I got to “spit game” and emcee a little bit with their wonderful worship band… But what a wonderful night of worship they had! I was so

Painting that was inspired in the midst of worship - this ended up being a beautiful portrait of Christ!

inspired by the hearts of these worshipers, that as I stood at the back with Andy, I observed even those who were hidden way at the back were worshiping just as intently as those in front of the blaring speakers. I loved the passion!

Rocking out with the NLAG TnT at their Jump Start event... Loved worshiping God with these young people! PASSIONATE!

Thanks again to my friend Andy Skarda for the opportunity to join him in what was definitely an excursion that will impact me for years to come!

Phil Cooke presenting the 4 most overused symbols in church logos... Doves, Flames, Globes and Flags

With the "homie" (as he called me) Tommy Tenney

Rev. Dr Mohan - Senior Pastor of New Life AG - host church of the conference.


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