Inception (film review)

ReviewReviewReviewReview INCEPTION

Christopher Nolan is at it again, writing and directing one of the better yet more psychologically complex movies of the year with Inception.

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Dorn Cobb, who is somewhat involved in a web of espionage with which he is a thief who extracts thoughts and secrets from people from their subconscious. He has lost everything he knows to be familiar through this research and all of the extraction, and now is in a place where he has an extraction job which could be his magnum opus and his ticket out!

Though from this description of what may seem like a “one more job than I’m done” type of movie which has been done to death, the good (and some would say bad) is the complexity of the nature of extraction. I won’t spoil it for those who have yet to see the movie, but believe me when I say that this is one movie that you definitely need to bring your brain (maybe two) to follow all that is going on.

I made two mistakes in seeing this film: 1) I got there a little late, and 2) It was a very late session, and I had just flown in from overseas – so I was tired. Please don’t make these same mistakes when you do see what may be one of the better movies that you’ll see this year: stellar cast, eye engrossing visuals, and great direction make this one a winner…

If you want a movie that will just entertain you without challenging your psyche – go elsewhere. If you want a rubiks cube type of film, go watch this one more than once…


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