the last 40 days – the highlight reel…

My favourite basketball player of all time is Dominique Wilkins… Say what you wanna say about championship rings and stats, but “The Human Highlight Film” was the most exciting player to watch in the NBA… With that in mind here is the highlight reel of the last 40 days:

10 Jim Laffoon visits Singapore

Jim Laffoon

Pastor Jim Laffoon the prophetic minister came through to my church (Every Nation Church Singapore) to visit just before EN2010. After spending time ministering and prophesying with our leaders (Tina and I got a wonderful prophetic word for our family, which included things about Zion and Naz), he delivered a wonderful message to our church which you can hear here.

9 iPhone 4 and iPad arrive in Singapore

I’m not too sure about the iPad yet having played with a couple of em (still feel like a big bulky iPod touch to me) I still prefer the Kindle that I was given for my birthday last year over the iPad as a reader (easier on the eyes, and Amazon’s bookstore). Until they put a

"Happy Birthday to..."

camera on it, with more memory and a USB slot, it doesn’t strike me as a necessity, but I’d like one when they do throw one on.

The iPhone 4 looks dope, and my birthday is coming up… that’s all I’m gonna say about that… Maybe iPad 2 next year lah… haha!

8 Lebron takes his talents to South Beach

Yay, one prediction correct! Say what you wanna say about Bron Bron, but let me be the first to say that I was very happy at this decision for two main reasons.

  1. Wade is my favourite player in the league right now… Loved the way he handled his championship win with Shaq taking all the credit back in 06′ despite Shaq being injured for most of the year. Definitely humble compared to most cats in the NBA – and for him to share space with Bosh and James is a testament to that. So for my two favourite players to be together is fan-tastic (go 90’s NBA tv shows)!
  2. That’s also the second reason for James too… He doesn’t need to win on his own, and sees it more like a Lakers of the 80’s type combo than a current Lakers type team where it’s all built around just him. That’s commendable for sure.

Now maybe the way he went about it was wack, making the world wait on him, but again, as far as marketing, it was brilliant. And yes, I do have my Lebron Miami jersey ready.

7 ENCS Music with Singapore Christian Canaan Church

The ENCS Music crew at Canaan Christian Church

My good friend from Integrity Asia, Daryl Wong, hooked me up with the youth/worship pastor of Singapore Canaan Christian Church here in Singapore, Brian Wong (no relation of Daryl at least I don’t think). A testament to our desire to see the body of Christ have a heart to work together to reach this city.

Brian and the pastors at Canaan asked our team to come through to their special outreach event entitled “A Celebration of Hope”. We were more than blessed to come through and serve, and a big shout out to the ENCS Music crew for coming out on a Saturday afternoon with the same heart to see people come to know the hope of Christ.

Needless to say, this is our prayer for our nation, that we would see the wider Church work in unity to see this nation won to Christ. According to Pastor Brian, 3 people entered into a new relationship with God that day, and another 3 recommitted their lives to Christ. Better than the wooing of any song that anyone of us could sing, is His drawing people to himself.

6 The NZ soccer team is the TRUE SOCCER WORLD CUP WINNERS.

The true World Cup champions (courtesy of Getty images)

Ok, they drew in all 3 of their preliminary games, and didn’t make it to the next round. But who was the only undefeated team in the entire 2010 world cup? No not Spain… Selah…

5 The BET awards 2010

I’m not usually a fan of these awards, but they created quite a buzz just before I hit the fast, that I must comment on two things that happened at these awards… Well, let me add a third.

  1. Compared to previous BET award shows (ok the last one happened literally days after MJ died, so the industry was shaken and they had to throw a quick show together) have been very substandard. This year the presentations were a lot better, and the audience were well behaved for the most part, not heckling too much.
  2. Chris Brown crying… Many have commented that this was his redemption after doing an incredible performance of a medley Michael’s hits. The question on everyones mind was and is “did he cry because he misses MJ? or did he cry because he was really desiring to “make a change, for once in my life” like the song said?
  3. The Prince tribute – his lifetime achievement award was way overdue, and I loved his speech when he received his award which included him thanking Jehovah and admitting to his unnecessary wild past (young artists take note -“you don’t have to do what I did”). I dig Janelle Monae, was a little worried for pregnant Alicia Keys and climbing on the piano, and of course Patti Labelle ripped it in legendary fashion. But I must say that I am very late to the Esperanza Spalding game. I went out and got her album last album (new one comes out this month apparently?). I mean you are 26, sing like Amel Larrieux while you play the double bass/bass guitar like a berklee faculty member? Oh that’s right you are… sick… We need to get her to the next Mosaic Festival next year.

Last service at Prinsep Street for FGA Singapore

4 The last Princep Street service at FGA

A historic moment for Full Gospel Assembly Singapore, and as I mentioned in this blog, I had the honour of speaking in their last weekend services. Again as mentioned before, I love when the local body of Christ can come together to serve one another in each others strengths and graces. Shout out to all of our friends at FGA! Onwards and upwards in the move to the new building!

3 Performing with Alarice

Tina and I with Alarice at Kinestasia festival

Tina and I have been blessed to get to know Alarice over the last couple of years, and work with her – she’s become a great friend. What I do enjoy the most is seeing someone who loves God with a passion, and is willing to use her music to communicate this love that God has for those outside of the four walls of the church. Kinestasia was a festival held at along the Singapore River which featured music acts from all over Asia and even the Pacific, and we got to play at Timbre (waddup Danny Loong!)

We’re looking forward to the Youth Olympic Games next week where we’ll get a chance to play with Alarice there – what a platform!

2 EN2010 – Every Nation World Confrence

Although the 18000 punters of the conference were split on two levels at the SMX convention centre in Manila and the tagline

Rehearsal with Darlene

was “Come Together”, this was a great conference to be a part of with my good friends from all over the world. Here’s my 10 EN2010 highlights:

  1. Pastor Grace Aiyedogbon’s “Feast at the Table” message… By far the most memorable message.
  2. Singing Amazing Grace with Darlene Zschech and other singers from all over the world to break the world record for song sung simultaneously in the most languages.
  3. The shaking roof after Amazing Grace was sung (y’all on the 3rd floor missed out) God was pleased!
  4. Ms Zschech’s challenge to all of us songwriters in Every Nation – “Where are the songs?” Watch this space…
  5. My EN Auckland crew tearing holes in the stage with their Polynesian dance performance. So proud of em!
  6. The lads from EN Auckland preparing backstage in the Artist tent

    Leading worship with the team on level 1. Shout out to our team, and the team on level 3 whom I missed dearly…

  7. CNN Hero of the Year (2009) Efren Penaflorida’s heart for destitute and uneducated in the slums of Manila
  8. Yesupadam Paidipamula’s challenging Gospel message.
  9. Leading worship with my friends Jon Owens and Teri Sambajon and the Fort team at VCF Fort on Sunday, after not seeing them the whole week because of the separation of levels.
  10. Seeing my sister Rowena and brother in law Taulu meet my son Zion for the first time… He immediately took a liking, even a loving to my sister Rowena. Despite the distance, am so blessed to do life with them.

Jon from the US, Teri from Philippines, Charles from Nigeria, me from NZ... Worshipers around the world! (Watch this space!)

Credit to Pastor Steve Murrell for his leadership, and my friend Julius Fabregas for running the whole conference, which basically looked like two simultaneous conferences. So blessed to be a part of this family of believers.

1  Nazareth’s first public performance

The princess and the paparazzi!

Tina and I were so proud of our daughter Naz, who had been out of school for around 3 weeks because of our trip to Manila and the illness that ensued. So with all the other children rehearsed for many days, Nazareth came back to school with only 3 days to learn the National songs of Singapore, which also included some Mandarin songs. She came to the challenge with a vengeance picking up the choreography and the words on her own. Here are some photos – I may post video later, depending if I get Naz’s permission.

"All I do is win, win, win... Everybody's hands go UP! and they stay there!"

I think it's time for an unplanned freestyle solo... Let me get away from these others...


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