New Podcast – The Josh and Neli show #4: We’re All In This Together

Yes I admit, I was wrong… the Lakers are the NBA champions… So we ask the questions:

Are the Lakers of today better than the Bulls of the 90’s… How about TEAMWORK in marriage? What about diva lead singers who won’t share the spotlight? Selfish world cup soccer strikers, are they really selfish if they win?

In this post we talk about TEAMWORK… what makes it work, what destroys it…

Don’t forget to drop us a line with your thoughts, comments, song requests and possible name for our podcast (yes we’re still looking for the right name!). You can leave a comment here:

Song 1) Trip Lee – No Worries (from the NEW album “Between Two Worlds” out on Reach Records)

Song 2) Fred Hammond – Awesome God (from the album “Unstoppable Love” out on Verity Records)

Click here to download the podcast, and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes (the link is on the right on the page).

(disclaimer – the views expressed here are not necessarily those of Every Nation Church Singapore)


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