Knight and Day (movie review)

ReviewReviewReview Knight and Day

Tom Cruise stars as Roy Miller – a CIA agent who appears to

have gone rogue to save the invention of young inventor Simon

Feck(Paul Dano – remember him from There Will Be Blood?). Of course along the way he literally bumps into suburbian petrolhead June Havens (Cameron Diaz) who becomes the Mrs King to Roy Millers “Scarecrow” – enjoying the fantasy fulfilling fast life of the spy man.

This one was extremely lightweight – and what attracted me to want to take my wife to see it, was that in the trailer it showed the side of Tom Cruise that we are now having to come to terms with: the post-Oprah-couch-jumping Tom Cruise. He realises that he has to do schtick, and I do like this Tom Cruise I admit, one that doesn’t take himself too seriously like the Mission Impossible or Minority Report or even the Lions for Lambs, Tom Cruise. In my estimation he’s learnt from Will Smith, and I’m sure he’ll put his kids in movies soon too…

Although this opened to dismal sales at least for Tom Cruise action standards in the US, this is still a fun ride for those who prefer their action movies with more bangs than brains. If you have a spare 2 hours of change, this is a good way to spend it – heavy on the thrill, light on the thriller.


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