the ever-present logo (at least in the golden age of hip hop) of Public Enemy

I meet with a group of young men, as well as a group of creative minds called Kree8 regularly.

Although the groups vary, what I sensed that I had to share was the same – and it had to do with the word that you read in the title: Calibrate. I felt like it was something that was necessary to talk about, in light of what I had previously mentioned to them regarding the things I talked about in this post.

Defining Calibrate

Here were some of the definitions we came up with, some from dictionaries and some from off the top of our heads:

  • to rectify
  • to plan or devise something so as to have more precise use
  • to realign
  • to determine the correct range for observing where the fired projectile hits
  • to focus so as to hit the target as accurately as possible

It was great to talk about how calibrating with regards to our lives goes beyond the act of doing what you’re supposed to be doing, to actually doing what you’re supposed to be doing the precise way you’re supposed to do it.


I actually thought that it was merely coincidental that 3 very similar words to Calibrate played a vital part in the process and mechanics of personal Calibration

  1. Collaborate – no man is an island, and for anyone to enjoy the fruits of lasting success, it is important to collaborate. I think of even the most arrogant rappers in hip hop, who spend the greatest amount of time talking about themselves – it almost seems like a typical line graph with the trends being the more that someone talks about themselves in their rhymes, the more they need to collaborate. I dare you – go down to your local music store, and turn around the most self promoting hip hop cd, and just count the number of times you see the word “featuring”. The quicker you realize that you are a part of a bigger picture containing other people, the quicker you’ll be able to calibrate with precision as to how you fit in that masterpiece.
  2. Calibre – One of the greatest evidences against naturalism and evolution is our individual uniqueness. We are designed with specificity to our lives – a precise target for each of us. If there is a specific target for our specific life, then it’s logical that you’re the best you there will ever be. The highest calibre.
  3. Celebrate – Simply put – if you don’t enjoy being you, and have fun in the process, your life will be lifeless.

How calibrated are you today?


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